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31st May 2020  Content supplied by: NBS Scientific

NBS Scientific Launches the CXT 353 Bench-Top Frozen Sample Aliquotter

NBS Scientific, LLC recently launched its newest product, the CXT 353 Bench-Top Frozen Sample Aliquotter from Basque Engineering + Science (BES).

With the CXT 353, researchers can work more safely and efficiently with samples containing infectious viruses like COVID-19. “In talking with scientists who are working with highly infectious samples, they all seem to express concerns about aerosol exposure from raw feces or biofluids such as sputum, blood and even urine,” says Cathy Roesch, Director of Science + Quality at BES.

“By working with frozen samples and by using the CXT 353 to aliquot them, scientists can minimize aerosol exposure to the virus and store samples more safely without worrying about vials breaking or spilling during long-term storage.” With the CXT 353, researchers can eliminate the freeze-thaw cycle via LN2 chilling, prevent cross-contamination by using disposable nuclease-free coring probes, and extract precise aliquots with the laser targeting feature.

Ultimately, the CXT 353 helps optimize downstream research results, preserve sample integrity, and maximize sample utility. The CXT 353 Frozen Sample Aliquotter is now available for purchase.

Please contact NBS Scientific using the 'Request Information' button below or visit our website for more information.

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Date Published: 31st May 2020

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