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12th January 2021  Content supplied by: Roth Bioscience, LLC

Micrology Laboratories, LLC Announces Name Change to Roth Bioscience, LLC

Micrology Laboratories, LLC has changed its name to Roth Bioscience, LLC.  The name change reflects a reorganization of the company after an acquisition of limited assets took place in June 2019.

The new name -- Roth Bioscience, LLC -- holds the namesake of its founder and inventor, Dr. Jonathan Roth, and symbolizes an entrance into the market with an updated product portfolio, adding several new technologies.  The roots of Dr. Roth’s newly released products continue down the long line of patents and widely-accepted technologies, developed by Roth, that make it easy and cost effective to test for E. coli and other microorganisms throughout the water and food/beverage industries. 

“My focus has always been on developing products that anyone can administer and interpret.  The new products we’re selling, and new technologies not-yet-released, embody this focus,” said Dr. Roth, CEO of Roth Bioscience, LLC.  Roth continues, “I truly believe our new product offerings and upcoming product releases are superior to anything we’ve developed in my 40+ years in this industry.”

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Date Published: 12th January 2021

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