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3rd March 2020  Content supplied by: Alpha Laboratories Ltd

Maintain Sample Integrity with New RNA Complete BCT

New RNA Complete BCT is a direct draw blood collection tube, now available in the UK from Alpha Laboratories Ltd. These blood collection tubes contain a preservative that stabilises cell-free RNA and exosome counts, maintaining the draw time concentration for up to 7 days when stored at room temperature.

The specialised chemistry within RNA Complete BCT limits the degradation of white and red blood cells to maintain sample integrity during storage, shipping, and handling of blood samples. It reduces haemolysis, eliminates the need for immediate plasma preparation and increases plasma yield after storage. Compared to alternative blood collection tubes RNA Complete BCT offers a much more convenient workflow process.

By enabling room temperature storage of blood samples RNA Complete BCT reduces costs and complications associated with cold chain shipping. Following pressure differential testing performed per IATA UN3373 standards, RNA Complete BCTs have been certified fully 95kPa IATA compliant. This means they can be easily and conveniently transported using SpeciSafe® secondary packaging containers, to ensure full compliance with UN3373 regulations.

Please visit for further information or contact Alpha Laboratories on 0800 38 77 32  

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Date Published: 3rd March 2020

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