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25th February 2014  Content supplied by: Nanologix Inc.

Nanologix FlatPack® Packaging Extends Shelf Life of Ready-to-use Media

NanoLogix Inc. have announced that a New World Standard for Petri dish shelf life and storage conditions has been established by NanoLogix. Results from ongoing tests by the world’s largest private Research and Development corporation have shown NanoLogix Tryptic Soy Agar (TSA) plates packed in exclusive, patented FlatPack® packaging for 19 months performing as well as one-week old competitor’s plates.

With this milestone, NanoLogix petri plate shelf life has reached nearly 10 times the competition’s room temperature shelf life of slightly over 2 months and 5 times the competition’s normal cold-storage shelf life. Prior to this study, the standard for shelf life of TSA petri plates was for cold storage only, for a period of 3-1/2 months. In an additional milestone reached in internal Company cold storage tests, NanoLogix TSA petri plates are approaching three years on the shelf with no loss of viability from when first manufactured.

Due to their traditional short shelf lives, agar-filled petri plates have historically been prepared in locations in the states, regions, or countries in which the users are located. The long shelf life of NanoLogix products and the FlatPack’s virtual elimination of breakage in transit, regardless of distance shipped, are producing a paradigm shift on the part of those who are the product end users. Customers can now take delivery of NanoLogix products many thousands of miles distant from the production location and be assured that they have a product that significantly outlasts others made onsite, locally, or regionally. A number of our FlatPack protected petri-based products can be stored at room temperature for months or more, a feature that is unique to NanoLogix products and one that reduces energy requirements significantly on projects both large and small, with no need for cold storage equipment for TSA: 19+ months (competition: 3-1/2 months), Nematode Growth Media (10+ months), and Chocolate Agar: 10+ months (competition 5 months). Nanologix's Middlebrook Agar petri plates for TB detection can be stored for 10+ months in cold storage. These times may be extended following the ongoing testing and shelf life may be indefinite for some agars.

Results of the ongoing study should be submitted for publication sometime in 2014.

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Date Published: 25th February 2014

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