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Limulus PS Overcomes Product Inhibition in Endotoxin Testing

Wako’s Limulus PS Single Test Kit allows for endotoxin specific measurement in samples that are inhibitory in traditional LAL assays by first removing any interfering substances in the sample.

The endotoxin in the sample is adsorbed onto a glass capillary column filled with Pyrosep™ (an affinity adsorbent with histidine bound to a water-insoluble support via a spacer, designed to specifically adsorb endotoxin) while the inhibitory substances contained in the sample are washed away allowing the adsorbed endotoxin to be measured with PYROSTAR™ ES-F, our exclusive endotoxin specific LAL reagent. Even fat-soluble vitamins, oils and vaccines can be tested if they can be dissolved in ethanol.

Also, for your convenience, the LAL reagent is supplied in pre-dispensed individual vials.

Product features:

  • Avoids false positive results

-  Endotoxin-specific lysate, avoids false positive results from glucans

-  Single-test (tube) configuration avoids “Hot Wells”

  • KTA assay is performed in tube reader
  • Allows endotoxin specific measurement in samples inhibitory in traditional LAL assays
  • Ethanol, silicone oil, soybean oil, olive oil, stearic acid, egg yolk lecithin, oil-adjuvanted vaccine, albumin products, coagulation factor products (factor 8), interferon formulation, antithrombin III, immunoglobulin product and other ethanol-soluble samples can be tested

Tags: Endotoxin

Date Published: September 11, 2015

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