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9th July 2013  Content supplied by: Kinesis

Kinesis Launches KX Range of Syringe Filters

Kinesis has launched its own range of syringe filters. Available in a wide choice of membranes and diameters, KX Syringe Filters reliably and reproducibly filter all sample types from small volume biological fluids to large volume environmental samples.

Choose from the following membranes, Glass Fibre, Nylon, PES, Polypropylene, PTFE, Hydrophilic PTFE, PVDF, Mixed Cellulose Esters and Regenerated Cellulose for all aqueous and non-aqueous samples.

All 13, 25 and 30mm products are also available with integral pre-filters for particulate laden samples.

The full range, including an introductory 40% discount is available to purchase online. For more details see:

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Date Published: 9th July 2013

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