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28th August 2023  Content supplied by: ZeptoMetrix

Is Your Lab Ready to Deliver Ultimate Confidence in Women's Health and STI Testing?

Reach the highest confidence.
ZeptoMetrix® NATtrol™ Women’s Health & STI products are the most trusted brand in third-party molecular diagnostic QC. Utilizing ZeptoMetrix NATtrol Molecular Controls on a consistent basis helps monitor testing performance and provides additional confidence in the quality and reliability of clinical laboratory operations. Our controls and panels are refrigerated, ready to use, and formulated with purified, intact organisms that mimic a true clinical specimen.

Our top women’s health & STI controls and panels include the following:

•    NATCT(434)-MC: Chlamydia trachomatis Positive Control
•    NATNG-6MC: Neisseria gonorrhoeae Positive Control
•    NATNG-ERCL: Neisseria gonorrhoeae Z017 External Run Control
•    NATVPOS-6C: Vaginal Positive Control
•    NATCTNGP-C: CT/NG Panel
•    NATTVPOS-6MC: T. vaginalis Positive Control
•    NATTVNEG-6MC: T. vaginalis Negative Control
•    NATTVGP-C: T. vaginalis Verification Panel
•    NATVP-BD: Vaginal Panel
•    NATHSV1-0005: Herpes Simplex Virus Type 1
•    NATHSV2-0005: Herpes Simplex Virus Type 2

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Date Published: 28th August 2023

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