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1st June 2021  Content supplied by: BioProbe Diagnostics

BioProbe Diagnostics Develops Transformative Solution for Rapid Legionella Detection

BioProbe Diagnostics, a spin-out from NUI Galway, has developed the world’s first complete water test that will reduce Legionella detection from 14 days to under 5 hours while detecting multiple Legionella species in just one water sample.

Brought to market in collaboration with three industry-leading European partners*, winners of the European Commission's Fast Track to Innovation Award, and supported by Enterprise Ireland, Bio LP-1 has the capacity to transform the global environmental testing landscape of the human pathogen Legionella. 

“Our innovative Bio LP-1 PCR test kit is a paradigm shift for Legionella water testing, offering a more rapid and robust solution for testing laboratories. It also has wider social impacts in that water quality and safety can be assured in a few hours as opposed to the days currently deployed. This offers an attractive solution to test providers particularly in an outbreak scenario where you can rapidly see if remedial actions are working.” Dr Elizabeth Minogue, Senior Scientific Officer, BioProbe Diagnostics.

BioProbe Diagnostics, a spinout from the National University of Ireland Galway, develops innovative PCR tests for the detection of microbial pathogens associated with water contamination in environmental and industrial processes. The strong team of scientists, innovators and business experts, develops and markets these PCR test kits worldwide. Bio LP-1, their first product, will be available on the market in early 2022.



myPOLs Biotech GmbH is a European leader in molecular biology reagent manufacturing
Control Microbiológico is a European-based ENAC accredited large environmental testing laboratory
Genaxxon bioscience GmbH is a European leader in the sale of innovative molecular IVD products

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Date Published: 1st June 2021

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