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16th February 2023  Content supplied by: INTEGRA Biosciences AG

INTEGRA’s MINI 96 and VIAFLO 96 for Precise and Flexible Pipetting

Scientists at Microsynth – a leading European company in nucleic acid synthesis, analysis, and sequencing – are taking advantage of the remarkable liquid handling capabilities of INTEGRA’s MINI 96 and VIAFLO 96 handheld electronic pipettes in workflows ranging from nucleic acid isolation to sequencing and different types of PCR.

Dr Sergey Yakushev, Head of Genetic Analysis at Microsynth, explained: “We receive as many as 20,000 samples per year from our customers, so we do a lot of preparation and analysis that requires us to perform multiple liquid handling steps. We use the MINI 96 and VIAFLO 96 in every step of sample preparation to achieve this high throughput.”

“We use the MINI 96 for digital PCR and qPCR preparation, as well as in end-point PCR reactions and library preparation for NGS. All these applications require precise, simultaneous transfer of multiple liquid samples; the MINI 96 has allowed us to do exactly this and, best of all, we get more hands-off time.

The VIAFLO 96, on the other hand, is used in cfDNA isolation to pipette samples with different viscosities over a wide volume range, which would otherwise be difficult to program on automated systems. Being able to keep a close eye on the speed of liquid aspiration and dispensing helps to avoid any loss, and reduces the likelihood of poor sample recovery, ensuring that quality standards are matched and expectations are met.

In my opinion, INTEGRA handheld electronic pipettes are impressive as they solved the complications in our lab, and I truly believe they outperform 1, 8, and 12 channel pipettes – I love it!”

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Date Published: 16th February 2023

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