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22nd June 2022  Content supplied by: Bio-Rad Laboratories

Improve the Monitoring of Salmonella and Cronobacter in Infant Formula

PIF Supplement from Bio-Rad Laboratories optimizes the enrichment of Enterobacteriaceae, in particular, Salmonella spp. and Cronobacter spp., in powdered infant formula and cereals - with or without probiotics - and other dairy ingredients. It can also be used in testing environmental samples from production areas. The PIF Supplement was developed to be combined with Bio-Rad’s iQ-Check real-time PCR test kits and RAPID’Chromogenic media to provide high-performing methods.

The Bio-Rad PIF Supplement meets the growing demand from dairy producers such as infant formula manufacturers and service labs to test for Salmonella and Cronobacter in large sample sizes. It provides unrivaled performance and meets the strict quality requirements of the industry in a cost-effective manner. To optimize recovery of the pathogens, the supplement used with Bio-Rad buffered peptone water inhibits background flora, such as lactic acid bacteria, bifidobacteria, and other gram-positive bacteria, while improving the growth of targeted bacteria.

The PIF Supplement demonstrated excellent performance during the AOAC Validation of the iQ-Check Enterobacteriaceae method and in the NF Validation of the iQ-Check Salmonella II, iQ-Check Cronobacter, RAPID’Salmonella, and RAPID’Sakazakii methods. Detection of pathogens is clearly improved in comparison to standard methods:


With PIF Supplement users can enrich Salmonella and Cronobacter simultaneously from a single broth for samples up to 375 g with a 1:4 dilution ratio. After this harmonized enrichment step, any of the existing iQ-Check real-time PCR and RAPID’Chromogenic media methods to screen for these pathogens can be used. The low 1:4 dilution ratio offers multiple advantages, allowing a significant decrease in the enrichment broth volume and cost. The blue color of supplemented broth improves usability.

  • Fully harmonized enrichment protocol with unique sample preparation, incubated at 37°C for 18-26 hr for PCR (or 24 hr for chromogenic media)
  • Cost and labor-saving protocol with <60% BPW volume (1,125 ml for a 1:4 dilution vs 3,375 ml for 1:10 dilution)
  • High-performance protocol with 26.5% greater sensitivity over the standard method (100% vs 73.5% for ISO 22964 method)

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Date Published: 22nd June 2022

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