Sino Biological Influenza Virus Antigen Bank

10th February 2020  Content supplied by: Genetic PCR Solutions

GPS™ Delivers Same Day Foodborne Pathogen Results

GPS™ has developed a protocol for foodborne pathogen detection that gives sample to result in a single working day. The time of each step has been reduced and the qPCR procedure simplified and optimized. Easy, safe and fast.

Features and Benefits include:

  • Reduced enrichment times - Salmonella enterica - 8 hours, Escherichia coli - 8 hours, Listeria monocytogenes - 12 hours

  • Fast extraction - rapid extraction (<20 min) of DNA from samples enriched in Peptone Broth and Fraser media, - elimination of PCR inhibitors, - Validated in different matrices: vegetables, meat, dairy, cereals and fruits

  • MONODOSE qPCR reagents all ready-to-use - each PCR tube contains all the reagents needed to perform the detection test for each specific pathogen. Just add the sample!

  • Fast cycling qPCR in 35 mins * - GPS™ has optimized its reagents to use a thermo-cycling protocol with very short reaction times (8 mins)

  • Same protocol (temperature and time) - all qPCRs run with the same protocol allowing all pathogens to be tested simultaneously in single-plex at very low cost

*qPCR total time depends on your thermocycler ramp rate



Date Published: 10th February 2020

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