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25th February 2014  Content supplied by: FoodChek

“FoodChek-Tested” Launches in US Marketplace

FoodChekTM Systems Inc. (“FoodChek”) has approved Rastelli Foods Group Inc. (“Rastelli Foods”) as the first “FoodChek-Tested” processor. With its outstanding commitment and practice of food safety excellence in its everyday operations, Rastelli Foods exceeds government regulatory requirements and meets FoodChek-Tested standards for its ongoing daily food safety testing.

This new FoodChek-Tested program identifies food processors who have embraced robust food safety standards throughout their daily food production, and provides these select processors with a product labeling solution. Recognizing a superior product geared towards heightening consumer awareness, this solution features a QR code on Rastelli Foods’ packaging label. When scanned, this QR code connects consumers to further online food safety information.

The fresh food industry has been plagued with numerous food contamination recalls that can cause serious harm to consumers. FoodChek-Tested identifies those processors whose commitment to food safety testing is more than compliant with current government regulatory standards. FoodChek-Tested is all about embracing FoodChek’s state-of-the-art equipment and processes, due diligence when positive results occur and a willingness to accept regular, unannounced facility audits.

“This is another giant step forward for FoodChek as we continue to challenge the global fresh food industry to improve processes and standards for food safety testing,” said William J. Hogan, President and CEO of FoodChek.

Chip Zerr, Quality Assurance Manager of Rastelli Foods, stated: “Government food safety testing regulations are a minimal standard and enforcement remains an issue...The risk for consumers needs to be reduced. Rastelli Foods has already embraced this culture of highest quality that incorporates the best in food safety. Now with the FoodChek-Tested label, we have a way to promote it to our customers.”

Chip Zerr is well known in the industry as a responsible SQF Certified Practitioner, ISO Certified Auditor and is HACCP Certified. Rastelli Foods is a world-class provider of products that set the standard in taste, quality, cleanliness and safety from each of its food processing plants.

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Date Published: 25th February 2014

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