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17th September 2019  Content supplied by: Puritan Medical Products Company

Flu Season Ahead! Stock up on Specimen Collection Swabs from Puritan.

Winter illnesses will be circulating before long, likely starting in October and with us into late spring. When the question is “is it flu?” the answer can be determined through testing.  

For influenza testing, the CDC lists 6 methods*, with an NP swab. A nasal swab and a throat swab are also cited, depending on the method. For NP, nasal and throat swabs – and viral transport devices – turn to Puritan®. 

These Puritan swabs are offered in a range of sizes and configurations. You’ll find options for NP, Nasal and throat specimen collection in conventional sterile wrap or dry transport tubes:

  • Rayon spun fiber tips on plastic or wire
  • Polyester spun fiber tips on plastic or wire
  • Polyurethane foam tips on rigid or flexible plastic
  • Puritan’s patented HydraFlock® or PurFlock Ultra® flock tips on plastic shafts – with or without break points – in many tip styles.

Puritan offers our UniTranz-RT® universal transport media systems. Choose standard or fine tip polyester or PurFlock Ultra® swabs for your viral specimen collection and transport needs.

Puritan swabs and transport media devices have proven reliable for use with automated processing as well as manual, and for bacterial, viral and molecular specimens.

For rapid flu tests, diagnostic test manufacturers demand:

  • ease of use 
  • reliable high quality
  • proven results 

Puritan specimen collection swabs and transport systems meet these demands.

Many commercially available diagnostic tests incorporate Puritan swabs because they assure ease of collection and reliable results. 

Choose Puritan as you plan your strategy to meet the needs of the upcoming flu season. Contact us for product details, samples, and purchasing information.

Puritan products are proudly made in the USA.  

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Date Published: 17th September 2019

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