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Fastest Food Allergen ELISA Gives Result in 31 Minutes!

Romer Labs® and ifp Institut für Produktqualität have launched their new AgraQuant® F.A.S.T. Allergen ELISA Test Kits with the fastest time-to-result currently available on the market for the detection of allergens in food, rinse waters and environmental swabs.

The newly developed, state-of-the-art capsule technology developed by ifp cuts down extraction to a minimum of only 1 minute. Furthermore, the same extract can be used for testing different allergens with the AgraQuant® F.A.S.T. line.

The AgraQuant® F.A.S.T. supports food producers and processors in meeting the increasing number of restrictive government regulations, offering significant advantages at the same time: costs are saved as products can be released faster, easier handling reduces sources of errors and a shelf life of 12 months improves order planning.

With the collaboration agreement for the AgraQuant® F.A.S.T line, ifp and Romer Labs® have further enhanced their ongoing successful cooperation. The AgraQuant® F.A.S.T. is available for the detection of almond, casein, egg, hazelnut, macademia nut and peanut, the product portfolio will be continuously expanded with new test kits over the next months.

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Date Published: 29th July 2013

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