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21st November 2016  Content supplied by: Synbiosis

Fast, Automated Generation of MIC Point Values

Synbiosis have announced its Minimum Inhibitory Concentration (MIC) Strip module is now available to download. This revolutionary new module automatically reads the MIC point of an antimicrobial sample at the touch of a button.

Minimum inhibitory concentrations are defined as the lowest concentration of an antimicrobial that will inhibit the visible growth of a microorganism after overnight incubation. This point is determined using strips impregnated with a known concentration gradient of each antimicrobial being tested.

The new MIC Strip Module designed for use with Synbiosis’s ChromaZona and ProtoCOL 3 automated inhibition zone measurement systems, automatically detects MIC Strips on an agar plate and reads the MIC value in seconds. This new module will save scientists time having to calculate the MIC point, as well as enabling reliability and standardisation of results.

“Microbiologists have informed us that manually measuring zones around MIC strips can become laborious and incredibly time consuming, leading to fatigue and the possibility of variation in results between users” states Kate George, Senior Divisional Manager at Synbiosis.

“In response, we are pleased to introduce the world’s first commercial software to fully automate this analysis. For a speedy and consistent indication of an antimicrobial’s efficacy, microbiologists should trial our cutting-edge new MIC Strip module today.”

Automated reading of MIC strips with Synbiosis module

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Date Published: 21st November 2016

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