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23rd June 2014  Content supplied by: ATCC

Establishing Inclusivity/Exclusivity with ATCC Cultures and Nucleics


Establishing ideal inclusivity/exclusivity parameters is an essential part of assay validation, particularly for the development of diagnostic and epidemiological assays whose results can affect public health.  For this reason, ATCC has expanded its portfolio to include a diverse collection of cultures grouped by:

  • Serotype
  • Toxin production
  • Drug-resistance
  • Clinical relevance

These strains have been extensively characterized and authenticated using a polyphasic approach that includes genotypic, phenotypic, and functional analyses.  This provides highly accurate identification across a wide array of microorganisms, ensuring that you choose the best products for your inclusivity/exclusivity validation studies.

To learn more about how ATCC can help you establish assay sensitivity and specificity, visit us online at www.atcc.org/InclusivityExclusivity. Or, contact the ATCC Sales Team.



Date Published: 23rd June 2014

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