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24th April 2023  Content supplied by: Copan Italia S.p.a.

Copan’s New SMART-eNAT® – The SMART Way to Self-Collect!

SMART–eNAT® combines eNAT® and FLOQSwabs® with Copan’s unique SMART push and turn activation and delivery system, a post-collection cap that avoids spillage or unwanted contact, facilitating self-sampling at home. SMART–eNAT® can now be paired with three different swabs specifically intended for vaginal, rectal, or oral collection.

eNAT® performance, self-sampling convenience
Thanks to Copan eNAT®, SMART–eNAT® stabilizes and preserves RNA and DNA for prolonged periods and is intended to collect, transport, and preserve clinical specimens to be analyzed by nucleic acids amplification techniques.

One tube, multiple swabs
SMART-eNAT® reaches its full potential when paired with the right FLOQSwabs®. Choose to pair it with the vaginal swab, rectal swab, or the buccal hDNAfree FLOQSwabs® according to your needs: It has never been easier or more convenient to self-collect samples!

Discover it on Copan’s website!  Alternatively, use the Request Information button below to email the company directly.

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Date Published: 24th April 2023

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