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12th December 2023  Content supplied by: Copan Italia S.p.a.

Copan MediaBag™, Ready-to-use Agar-based Media

What if we replace an agar media glass bottle with a plastic shell?
This is the question Copan asked itself a few months ago, and now, we have the answer – introducing the new MediaBag™.

Copan Newlab’s team has designed this innovative product, combining the ease of use of bottled media with many additional advantages.

  • First, the plastic bag used is much lighter than a glass bottle, which helps reduce shipment costs.
  • Second, it is smaller and squeezable, optimizing storage space and reducing waste.
  • Third, processing is done quickly and safely and avoids hazardous touchpoints.

Ready-to-use and automation-friendly
MediaBag™does not alter the intrinsic advantages of a ready-to-use medium: no tedious preparation involving hazardous touchpoints, easy adoption, with a shelf life of 6 months from 2 to 8°C.  

All MediaBag™ products are tested according to ISO 11133 guidelines and are fully compatible with Cyclone, Copan Newlab’s solution to automate your industry microbiological analysis workflow. By pairing it with MediaBag™, you make plate preparation effortless.
MediaBag™ is in stock and prefilled with many agar media to fit your laboratory workflow; all the media are available in 0.5 and 1 L formats.

Discover more on the brochure or by contacting Copan by using the Request Information button below.

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Date Published: 12th December 2023

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