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1st July 2013  Content supplied by: 

Compact Dry, Ready-to-use Test Plates now Available from R-Biopharm

R-Biopharm Compact DryCompact Dry is a microbiological test system which has been well established in the diagnostic market for several years.

As a ready-to-use dry test plate it can help reduce the time normally needed to perform microbiological testing. This increased efficiency improves productivity in the laboratory.

The clear benefits for users have led R-Biopharm to now include the convenient Compact Dry product series into its portfolio.

The plates of the Compact Dry system can be used to test raw materials as well as finished products like food, beverage, meat, cosmetic or other samples. They can also be used for surface hygiene monitoring for difficult areas using a wet swab system such as Promedia ST-25 (Art. No. Z0301, available from R-Biopharm). Additionally the plates are suitable for easy incubation of membrane filtered liquid samples.

Compact Dry results are easy-to-read. Afterplacing 1 ml of sample onto the plate, the liquid sample will self-diffuse evenly over the whole plate. During incubation at the specified temperature the colonies will pigment with different colors, due to the presence of chromogenic substrates and redox indicators. Bacterial colonies can be presumptively identified by their color. For confirmation or further investigation, colonies can be easily selected from the plate.

Compact Dry is also an easy-to-store test method. The plates can be kept at room temperature for up to two years and can be used over an incubation temperature range of 20 - 42° C.

Compact Dry is a product which is extremely safe to handle. Its rigid structure allows for easy transportation and an unlimited number of units can be stacked safely in an incubator. The risk of contamination of the dry medium pads is eliminated by the tightly closing covering lid.

A range of products for 12 different parameters is available. 60% of these parameters are validated or currently under validation by MicroVal/NordVal and/or AOAC-RI.


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Date Published: 1st July 2013

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