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Commercial Launch of Advandx QuickFISH™ (20 min. Pathogen ID)

AdvanDx, Inc. have announced the commercial launch of QuickFISH™, a new rapid pathogen identification test for potential life threatening bloodstream infections. The QuickFISH molecular diagnostic platform developed by AdvanDx is based on its clinically proven proprietary PNA technology. The new platform enables unprecedented (20 minute) species identification of bacteria directly from positive blood cultures allowing the reporting of pathogen identification at the same time as the reporting of Gram stain results.

FISH Features:

  • 5 Min. Hands-on Time - Simplifies and streamlines laboratory workflow.
  • 20 Min. Turn-around Time - Fast enough to be reported with Gram stain results.
  • Built-in, Universal Controls - Ensures confidence in test results.
  • Limited Instrumentation and Capital Investment Required - Easy and inexpensive to implement and start testing.

Tags: Blood Culture, Identification, Stains, Pathogen

Date Published: September 17, 2012 » company contact details
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