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30th June 2021  Content supplied by: Cherwell Laboratories Ltd

Cherwell Reaches Custom Cleanroom Product Development Milestone

Cherwell Laboratories, specialists in cleanroom microbiology solutions, announces in its 50th anniversary year that it has successfully developed in excess of 400 custom products. These many new product developments are in addition to Cherwell’s extensive portfolio for environmental monitoring and sterilisation process validation. In recognition of the importance of bespoke product development to Cherwell’s offering, the Company has promoted Steven Brimble to the newly created role of Director of Quality and Technology, with a core focus on product innovation and continual improvement.

Cherwell’s ability to respond to customer needs and to successfully develop so many new products, stems from its agile approach, enabled by its in-depth industry knowledge, flexibility, and long-standing expertise. Due to his extensive experience and understanding of quality in microbiology, Steven is ideally placed to oversee Cherwell’s continued development and production of custom products. He has worked for the past five years as Cherwell’s Quality Manager, is a Practitioner with the Chartered Quality Institute, and was also formerly the National Quality Manager for Public Health England (PHE) Food, Water & Environmental Microbiology.

Cherwell’s broad product range enables its customers to reduce risk during the aseptic production of pharmaceuticals and other related healthcare products. Examples of its product innovations include: many different culture media formulations and formats, including broth in bags; bespoke packaging solutions, such as gamma-irradiated media with triple wrap barrier packaging; and the Multi-SAS fixed microbial air sampling and SAS isolator monitoring systems. Cherwell has also created some media products in kit formats, such as its operator validation process kit; as well as cleanroom accessories, including settle plate stands, contact plate carriers and air sampler tripods.

“Over the years we have intentionally focused on our agile-manufacturing approach, so that we continue to develop the necessary solutions to ensure our customers meet and surpass the requirements of increasingly stringent GMP regulations,” said Andy Whittard, MD, Cherwell Laboratories. “We are delighted to announce Steven’s new role as Director of Quality & Technology which will enhance our ability to quickly develop new products as required, strengthening our position as the go-to supplier of cleanroom microbiology solutions.”

Cherwell’s expert team is always available to offer practical advice and solutions tailored to meet individual customers’ specific microbiological monitoring and validation needs. In addition to bespoke product solutions, the Company also offers many standard quality tools for the effective management of controlled environments and processes. These include the Redipor® prepared culture media range, which includes agar plates, bottled media, broth bags and ampoules, vials and DIN bottles; plus, SAS microbial air samplers, ImpactAir and ISO90 microbial air monitors, and a variety of cleanroom accessories.

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Date Published: 30th June 2021

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