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12th August 2021  Content supplied by: Cherwell Laboratories Ltd

Cherwell Plays a Part in COVID-19 Vaccine Manufacturing Programme

Cherwell Laboratories, specialists in cleanroom microbiology solutions, announces that it has recently delivered its biggest-ever single order for microbial air sampling equipment to support the large-scale manufacturing programme for COVID-19 vaccine supply. The new SAS air sampling equipment will be used for the environmental monitoring of the newly built UK-based Grade A manufacturing facilities of a key specialty vaccine company.

The significant order for Cherwell’s active air samplers includes 65 portable SAS Super Duo 360 and 16 SAS Super Pinocchio devices. These SAS microbial air samplers are based on proven impaction technology and have been utilised by experts for viable air monitoring in controlled environments and supported by Cherwell for over 30 years. The samplers are used by many of the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies to demonstrate GMP compliance within their manufacturing facilities.

The handheld SAS Super Duo 360 device has two sampling heads that sample 180 litres per minute each. It is capable of collecting bacterial and fungal samples simultaneously or sequentially. SAS Super Pinocchio air samplers provide microbiological monitoring for compressed air and gases. They are ideal for use in manufacturing facilities where compressed air monitoring is falling under increasing regulatory scrutiny.

Having a long-established relationship with the specialty vaccine company, who already used SAS microbial air samplers at other facilities for its environmental monitoring programmes, Cherwell recognised the importance of a rapid response to the company’s initial enquiry. “Timely delivery for a fast-moving project involving a new facility build for essential COVID-19 vaccine manufacture required fast reaction, effective interaction and flexibility,” said Andy Whittard, Managing Director, Cherwell Laboratories.

“With this significant order, which in turn required a significant response from us to coordinate supply to meet timelines for delivery, we are proud to continue to play our small, but important, part in the COVID-19 vaccine supply chain,” added Andy Whittard. “We pride ourselves on our customer focus and service, and fully understand the criticality of what we do to ensure the microbial safety of final vaccine products and that the impact of not delivering on time is serious.”

To help minimise downtime in GMP manufacture and ensure that instruments are always in top condition to deliver reliable and repeatable results, Cherwell also offers ongoing product support and a tailored calibration service for SAS air samplers. This includes onsite service options, meaning less downtime is incurred as the instrument is only out of use for a day. Furthermore, as samplers are not released off-site, there is no subsequent need for decontamination protocols on their return.

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Date Published: 12th August 2021

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