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5th January 2017  Content supplied by: LGC-ATCC

Can’t Find the Top Quality Microorganisms You Need? Look No Further!


LGC celebrates 15 years of partnership with ATCC®

LGC began its partnership with ATCC in 2001, and since then has served as a bridge between ATCC® and the vast scientific community in both Europe and Africa. In fact, there are significant benefits when ordering genuine ATCC® cultures, nucleic acids, and reagents from LGC:

  • LGC provides access to ATCC Genuine Cultures® – authentic ATCC microbial strains backed by meticulous laboratory procedures with over 85 years of experience in characterization and preservation. - Learn more about minimizing passage
  • LGC holds large stocks of ATCC® Genuine products at its warehouse facility in London, UK
  • LGC expedites handling of paperwork related to import permits and special forms
  • LGC deals with importing custom duties and broker handling charges
  • LGC provides technical support services in local language and time zone; including dedicated telephone support
  • LGC counts with Application Specialists available for onsite visits and advice
  • LGC provides easier payment in national currency

It’s never been easier to get genuine ATCC® cultures, nucleic acids, and reagents delivered to your door in Europe and Africa! Learn more about the ATCC products, services, and resources available through LGC by clicking on the links provided below:


Products                                                                     Services

Cells and Microorganisms                                      Production and Characterization

Nucleic Acids & Toxins                                           Testing Services

Testing and Characterization                                 Biorepository Management Services

Quality Control Strains                                            Deposit Services

New products

Product Use Policy


Resources Learning Center

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Date Published: 5th January 2017

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