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23rd April 2018  Content supplied by: Bruker Corporation

Bruker Introduces Bologna Workflow for ID and AMR Positive Blood Cultures

1817_Bruker_BloodCultureAt ECCMID 2018, Bruker introduced new diagnostic workflow solutions for rapid and cost-effective microbial identification and antibiotic resistance testing from positive blood cultures – called the integrated Bologna Workflow.

Bruker also launches additional molecular assays for comprehensive and fast invasive fungal disease (IFD) testing in blood, without the need for any culturing step.

  • New CE-IVD Fast Sepsityper® solution: - for MALDI-Biotyper (MBT) identification (ID) of over 2,700 microbial species - from positive blood cultures with less hands-on time;
  • Novel CE-IVD MBT STAR®-Cepha kit: - for rapid, functional antibiotic resistance testing against Cephalosporins - complementary to existing MBT STAR-Carba kit for fast Carbapenem-resistance testing - all integrated in 60-90 minute cost-effective Bologna Workflow;
  • Further expansion of MBT Library: - for clinical microbiology (CE-IVD) and filamentous fungi (RUO)
  • New fast PCR assays for Invasive Fungal Disease (IFD) testing directly from blood without culture:Fungiplex® Universal (RUO) kit for rapid detection of fungal DNA - Fungiplex® Aspergillus Azole-R kit (CE-IVD) for Azole-resistance testing in Aspergillus - complementary to existing Fungiplex Candida and Fungiplex Aspergillus CE-IVD kits for ID;

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Date Published: 23rd April 2018

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