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20th January 2020  Editorial by: Paul Carton

BrandTech's Pipettes can now be Wirelessly Charged

Wireless charging is moving into the microbiology laboratory after years spent in physics labs. BrandTech Scientific has launched its Inductive Charging Stand for their BRAND® HandyStep® touch and HandyStep® touch S repeating pipettes. These personalised and interactive pipettes contain a battery that can be fully charged on the inductive charging stand, either plugged in or by inductive charging which requires no cables or connections. 

To fully charge the battery in the HandyStep® touch takes approximately 6 hours and charging time will vary depending on whether the device is charged with the power adapter or in the inductive charging stand. While it charges via inductive charging, it can still be used with the vessels to be filled been brought underneath. 



Date Published: 20th January 2020

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