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11th July 2017  Content supplied by: Novatek International

Boehringer Ingelheim Selects Novatek for Global Environmental Monitoring Program

Novatek International has been selected by Boehringer Ingelheim as their approved Vendor and Partner for a worldwide solution for Environmental Monitoring Software. Boehringer Ingelheim plans to implement and validate the NOVA-EM (Environmental Monitoring) solution at multiple sites worldwide.

After considering the time and cost of customizing and configuring their current LIMS and ERP systems to make a customized solution for environmental monitoring (EM), Boehringer Ingelheim decided to go with a dedicated solution for their EM needs.

NOVA-EM from Novatek International was chosen as the global standard by Boehringer Ingelheim following a thorough RFP process, involving several vendors, and evaluation of the available LIMS and EM solutions.

NOVA-EM is Novatek’s Solution dedicated to managing all aspects of an automated Environmental Monitoring Program. NOVA-EM is a business ready, process specific “off the shelf” (OTS) solution that meets 95+ percent of environmental monitoring automaton requirements out of the box. As a GAMP 5 category 3 software system, implementing NOVA-EM equates rapid installation, implementation, validation, and deployment. The time and cost savings, in contrast to configurable systems, is undeniable and a key reason for the selection of the NOVA-EM solution.

Novatek’s modular approach combined with a globally proven deployment process, provides Boehringer Ingelheim a clear and concise roadmap to plan and add additional off the shelf, process specific modules such as Cleaning Validation Management (NOVA-CVM) to create a larger solution for complete contamination control.

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Date Published: 11th July 2017

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