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25th May 2023  Content supplied by: Hygiena

BioChek® Offers Smart Veterinary Diagnostics Including PCR Solutions

BioChek®, A Hygiena® Company, is well known for its ELISAs in poultry and swine. But in addition to ELISA, BioChek also provides high-quality PCR kits.  

ELISA has been a frequently used laboratory tool in the livestock industry for many years, which has proven its value in monitoring the health status of flocks and herds worldwide. However, over the last few years, PCR interest has rapidly started to increase. Being a very accurate, time-efficient, highly sensitive and specific technique for the detection of pathogens, PCR testing has quickly gained popularity in the veterinary diagnostic sector.

Technically seen, ELISA and PCR are two completely different laboratory techniques, each with their own unique purpose. However, from a diagnostics point of view, they are complementary tests.

In contrast to PCR, ELISA detects antibodies that are produced to attack the virus or bacteria, not the pathogen itself. This enables you to show whether the sought pathogen was indeed present in the host at some point in the past. With PCR, you catch the genetic material of the virus or bacteria while it is still present in the host. Depending on the reason behind the testing, one might prefer to use ELISA and/or PCR. However, today, both techniques are indispensable in the veterinary diagnostics industry and have demonstrated their value in monitoring the health of flocks and herds.

Recognising these advantages, BioChek has also developed several real-time PCR kits.

BioChek PCR Kits
Today, BioChek offers more than 15 different PCR kits for the detection of pathogens in poultry and swine. The range is continuously expanding with new kits being developed all the time. Our entire PCR portfolio (DNA/RNA) runs on the same thermal profile, allowing customers to combine multiple PCR assays together on one plate, saving time and improving efficiency. Next to this, all kits have been validated for use with a variety of thermocyclers. We continuously strive to supply high-quality kits that provide excellent test results. As such, all kits contain an internal amplification control that checks for inhibition (inhibitors in the sample) and our Salmonella PCR solution has been certified by AFNOR and approved by the National Poultry Improvement Plan (US).  

In addition to all the above, BioChek also offers full workflow solutions including extraction (DNA/RNA) purification kits and the RoboPrep® 32, a magnetic bead extraction robot.

Save Time and Effort with our BioChek PCR Software
Our PCR solutions are supported by the BioChek Animal Health Monitoring software. PCR can be virtually fully automated by using our BioChek software. It helps with running PCR, sample setup and result analysis. The BioChek Monitoring software automatically checks the PCR run using the PCR controls. There is no need to manually create a plate layout, calculate the amount of reagents or program the thermocycler (apart from using the correct temperature profile). The software collects and analyses the data from the thermocycler and generates easy-to-read PCR reports, all in one program. This takes away the struggle of copying results and other information to your Excel sheets. It makes for good traceability of results, which is convenient for both the technician and the vet. The BioChek PCR software has made paperwork obsolete.  

To view BioChek’s PCR portfolio, visit our website or click on the Request Information button to email the company directly.

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Date Published: 25th May 2023

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