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9th May 2023  Content supplied by: Hygiena

BioChek Monitoring Software: Be in Control of Your Data

BioChek - A Hygiena Company, has invested intensively and successfully in developing innovative veterinary diagnostic software in recent years. BioChek Monitoring Software stores test results and flock or herd information on an offline or online database, allowing users to effectively manage their ELISA and PCR test results. Using the easy-to-use software, lab technicians and veterinarians have all the information they need for monitoring the health of pigs or poultry. Furthermore, the BioChek Monitoring Software effectively handles their workload, saving time and money in day-to-day practice.

With the BioChek Monitoring Software, technicians and veterinarians can:

  • Manage data in an easy and reliable manner
  • Analyse trends and compare data using customised reports
  • Access data anytime, anywhere using the online database
  • Scan barcoded sample forms to avoid laborious input of all flock or herd data
  • Set up an interface with their LIMS system
  • Contact BioChek Technical Support for help (via TeamViewer)

ELISA and PCR testing:
The BioChek Monitoring Software is well suited to handle the entire ELISA and PCR process; from setting up a plate layout to generating a report.
On the ELISA side, the software automatically checks the validity of test results using the kit and reference controls. Many different reports are available in the software to manage and analyse data, including:

  • Histogram and numerical reports
  • Vaccination date predictions
  • Multiple results on one page
  • Flock titers over time
  • Trend reports

On the PCR side, the BioChek Software also offers several unique features to save time and effort in the lab:

  • Automatic calculation of reagents: This includes correction for oversize.
  • Automatic verification: The software automatically verifies the assay using the negative and positive controls and samples are checked for inhibition. Divergent results are reported.
  • Qualitative and quantitative results: The software can generate both qualitative and quantitative reports using the PCR standards. The load of the target is automatically calculated.
  • Multiple assays on one plate: If there are multiple assays on a plate, every assay gets its own report.
  • Multiple flocks or herds on one plate: If several flocks or herds on a plate are being tested for the same target, every flock and herd gets its own report.

BioChek Online Database – Access to your data anytime, anywhere
One of the finest recent innovations is the phenomenon of cloud computing: Secure 24/7 access to all your desired data. The BioChek Online Database makes this possible for all test results performed with the BioChek Monitoring Software.

The BioChek Online Database is a great tool for those who need to access their data while at the farm or in the lab or office. With access to the data virtually anywhere, the samplers or sampling teams can submit the scheduled samples on time. Additionally, the laboratory will have the correct corresponding flock or herd data available. Finally, the supervising veterinarian can review all the necessary data when important decisions about the flock or herd have to be made, with a clear overview of data per farm or customer. With one click, the data is securely accessible by all relevant parties 24/7.

Visit the website to ask for a demo of BioChek Monitoring Software or email the company directly using the Request Information button below.

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