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26th November 2018  Content supplied by: Bio-Rad Laboratories

Bio-Rad Offers a Complete Range of RTU Chromogenic Media

Bio-Rad RAPID'Chromogenic Media are a complete range of highly selective ready to use media, designed to detect and enumerate a variety of microorganisms in food and environmental samples. They offer economical, labor-saving protocols and provide a shorter time to results than classical methods. The combination of the selected chromogenic mixture and high-quality raw material allows a high level of contrast, high selectivity, and high sensitivity, making the plates easy to read.


RAPID’B.cereus is the newest edition to the RAPID chromogenic media family. Based on a chromogenic principle and the detection of phospholipase activity, it allows the detection and the enumeration of B. cereus strains. 

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Date Published: 26th November 2018

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RAPID’B.cereus is