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4th April 2023  Content supplied by: Bio-Rad Laboratories

Bio-Rad Launches New Kits For Meat Speciation

Bio-Rad Laboratories announce the launch of ID-Check Speciation Solution, providing a real-time PCR method for detecting target species in food, feed and environmental samples.

The identification of meat species present in food and ingredient samples is essential to verify the origin and traceability of raw materials, as well as the verification of cleaning processes in production lines. ID-Check Speciation kits are a premium quality PCR solution to provide general laboratory and research personnel with an easy and ready-to-use kit for the detection of DNA from select meat species. The kits target mitochondrial DNA in food, feed and environmental samples such as bovine, chicken, duck, goat, horse, sheep, swine and turkey species.

Under optimal conditions, these kits provide remarkable sensitivity, granting the detection in less than 2 hours with limits of detection of  0.001% (0.01% for chicken and swine). The kits were designed to allow simultaneous amplification (in multiplex) of the target meat species and an internal amplification control (IAC) to exclude false negatives due to PCR inhibition. The duplex detection system helps maximize the amplification accuracy and simplify the reaction set-up.​

For more information on Bio-Rad’s ID-Check Speciation Solution,  please visit: or use the Request Information button below to contact Bio-Rad directly.

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Date Published: 4th April 2023

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