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28th August 2019  Content supplied by: BD Diagnostic Systems

BD BBL™ Sterile Isolator Cleanroom eXtended Temperature Plated Media

For pharmaceutical manufacturers needing to meet the latest environmental monitoring requirements, the BD BBL™ Isolator Cleanroom eXtended Temperature (IC-XT) sterile plated media range is designed for surface and air monitoring in cleanrooms, isolators and restricted access barrier systems (RABS). Building on BD experience in delivering high quality prepared media the BD BBL IC-XT range meets the quality control and compliance requirements of regulated industries.

Features and Benefits include:

Storage Flexibility - room temperature storage range of 2-25° C reduces the need for refrigeration

Resource Efficiency - large batch sizes help reduce incoming QC testing.

Sample Integrity - BD RODAC™ SNAP LID plates reduce risk in sampling and handling.

Product Traceability - 2D barcode labels that meet GS1 standards allow samples to be easily identified and tracked.

Sterility Assurance - BD BBL™ IC-XT sterile plated media has a validated SAL claim of 10-6, minimizing the risk of false positives, and helping to protect controlled environments from contamination. Triple bag packaging enables transfer of plates into critical environments while maintaining sterility assurance claims.

VHP Resistance - exterior packaging validated to withstand Vaporized Hydrogen Peroxide (VHP®) penetration. Additionally, each bag contains a hang hole to allow for improved handling in isolators.

Multiple Applications - BD BBL™ IC-XT cleanroom plated media is ideal for environmental monitoring activities including the use of RODAC™ contact plates, environmental sampling performed with 100mm plates and utilizing an air sampling system to perform monitoring of your isolators or clean rooms.

Air Sampler Compatibility - BD BBL™ IC-XT air sampling plated media is compatible with many different types of commercial air samplers.


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Date Published: 28th August 2019

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