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30th April 2018  Content supplied by: Honeyman Group Ltd

Award Winning HydroGienic® - Bulk Pure Water Distribution System

Honeyman Group Ltd, County Durham based pharmaceutical water specialist, has received a Queen’s Award for Innovation for HydroGienic®, its high purity water storage and distribution system. The award for outstanding achievement recognises the contribution to industry the business has made among UK entrepreneurs and companies.

Tom Honeyman, Managing Director said of the award win, “We are deeply honoured to have been recognised by the Queen’s Award for our continued work as Pharmaceutical water system specialists. There is constant commercial pressure on manufacturing facility managers to maximise efficiencies and output performance, while minimising costs and overheads. HydroGienic® enables revenue savings, as well as added-value improvement to production efficiency, performance and reliability”, Mr Honeyman added, “The HydroGienic® system is tried, tested and trusted, it is a pure water distribution system for forward-thinking pharmaceutical manufacturers.”

A recent adopter of the HydroGienic® system is Quotient, a commercial-stage transfusion diagnostics company. The company recently inaugurated its state-of-the-art Allan-Robb Campus, just outside of Edinburgh, which houses the company’s R&D, reagent manufacturing and management.

In commissioning the construction of the campus, Quotient selected Honeyman’s HydroGienic® system over other options on the market. “The new HydroGienic® system flexibility fits with our growth plans. When we need to expand the system, we can increase the number of distribution points with minimal impact on the business. We can now easily add to or isolate parts of the system,” said Gordon Robb, Vice President of Operations of Quotient, “By comparison, a traditional system would need to be taken down on a regular basis and would have associated costs for sourcing water.”

HydroGienic® is a bulk pure water distribution system developed by Honeyman Group to address problems and restrictions associated with existing systems in the pharmaceutical industry. Typical water distribution systems work on a stainless steel ring main style layout. This means that if one part of the factory requires changes made to their water supply, the whole system has to be closed down and revalidated before it can be used again. This can lead to disruption in production resulting in significant costs.

The HydroGienic® system utilises a central storage tank, with each area of the factory supplied through its own send and return PTFE hoses. These are connected through a specially designed "plug and play" manifold. User points can be added or moved without disrupting existing production, resulting in significant cost savings.

This patented system ensures each offtake can be isolated individually. The adaptability, flexibility, and resultant cost saving is significant, translating directly into increased production efficiency, and performance, over the lifetime of the system.



Date Published: 30th April 2018

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