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5th October 2020  Product update: rapidmicrobiology staff writer

ANSM Acknowledge NGS Firm for Quality Control of Biologics

PathoQuest has obtained the administrative authorization of Pharmaceutical Establishment from the French Agence Nationale de Sécurité du Médicament (ANSM) for its biological drug testing activities.

The Pharmaceutical Establishment status granted by the French ANSM acknowledges PathoQuest's efforts to structure and organize its testing activities to meet the high standards of the pharmaceutical industry for the quality control business: analytical robustness, process standardization and compliance with regulations.

"Today we are moving beyond being a technology company to become a true leader in the quality control testing of biologics with a key focus on viral safety and genetic characterization," stated Violaine Mélen, PharmD, PathoQuest's Chief Quality Assurance & Regulatory Affairs Officer.

"Having pharmaceutical establishment status is a pledge of quality and a key reassurance factor for the health authorities and the biopharmaceutical companies we partner with. It is also a prerequisite for GMP certification, which we are expecting in the near future", said Mélen.

"Gaining pharmaceutical establishment status is a major milestone in the implementation of PathoQuest's growth strategy," commented Jean-Francois Brepson, PathoQuest's CEO.

"It enables the company to accelerate its capabilities to offer large-scale, high-quality, standardized quality control testing for biological drugs using genomic sequencing. PathoQuest's objective is to become a leader in this field while also reducing development and biomanufacturing time for biopharmaceutical and biotech companies worldwide", Jean continued.

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Date Published: 5th October 2020

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