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26th June 2023  Content supplied by: ZeptoMetrix

Achieve a Sustainable Lab with ZeptoMetrix NATtrol Molecular Controls

Equip your clinical lab with ZeptoMetrix® NATtrol™ molecular controls to provide accurate and reliable test results and integrate a sustainable solution for daily lab processes. By incorporating NATtrol molecular controls into your workflow, you can actively contribute to a more environmentally friendly and resource-efficient operation.

The use of ZeptoMetrix NATtrol controls helps to minimize wastage and optimize resource utilization. Our controls are refrigerator stable and ready to use, which can eliminate the need for excessive storage requirements and reduce energy consumption. Because our controls are refrigerator stable, all shipments are transported using gel packs instead of dry ice, which further reduces their environmental impact. The non-infectious composition of NATtrol molecular controls also helps ensure the safety of laboratory personnel by reducing the risk compared to handling live microorganisms

In addition, ZeptoMetrix offers a diverse range of molecular controls and panels for various disease states. This comprehensive offering allows your laboratory to address a wide range of diagnostic requirements, which can reduce the need for outsourcing tests to external facilities. By performing a greater variety of tests in-house, your lab can minimize transportation-related emissions and minimize the overall environmental impact associated with sample shipping.

By using ZeptoMetrix NATtrol molecular controls, your clinical lab not only gains access to accurate and reliable test results but also actively contributes to a more sustainable and environmentally friendly approach to laboratory operations. Embrace the future of sustainable diagnostics and empower your lab to make a positive impact with ZeptoMetrix.

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Date Published: 26th June 2023

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