Microbiology News : water, Oct 2021

New Cryptosporidium parvum Monoclonal Antibodies Available

29 Oct 2021 | WaterClinicalPharmaceutical

New Cryptosporidium parvum Monoclonal Antibodies
ViroStat has just released two new Rabbit Monoclonal Antibodies that are reactive with Oocysts of Cryptosporidium parvum. more...

ANT Medikal Appointed as Redipor® Prepared Media Distributor in Turkey

28 Oct 2021 | Food & BeverageWaterClinicalPharmaceuticalVeterinary

Cherwell Redipor
Cherwell Laboratories, manufacturer of Redipor® prepared culture media, announces that it has added ANT Medikal, in Turkey, to its international distribution network for the Redipor range, as part of the company’s continued strategic focus on building its overseas markets. more...

Choosing the Right Pipette Tip for Your Application

15 Oct 2021 | Food & BeverageWaterClinical

Integra Pipette Tips
INTEGRA’s GripTips are designed to fit the company’s broad range of pipettes perfectly and are manufactured under strictly controlled conditions, backed by the VIAPURE statement of quality. more...

The Automatic Pump Dispenser That DOSE IT For You

12 Oct 2021 | Food & BeverageWaterPharmaceutical

DOSE IT the laboratory peristaltic pump
INTEGRA Biosciences has created two new application notes for the DOSE IT: A laboratory peristaltic pump ideal for most probable number method (MPN) and the precise and accurate dispensing of culture media, buffers and other solutions.  more...

BIOBALL®: Where Accuracy, Precision, Efficiency, and Consistency Matters the Most

04 Oct 2021 | WaterOtherPharmaceuticalCosmetic/Personal Care

bioMerieux BioBall
BIOBALL®: 20 years of delivering confidence for your microbiological quality control. This small freeze dried water-soluble certified reference material provides time and labour-intensive cost savings improving overall lab efficiency and productivity. more...