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Microbiology News: cosmetic-personal-care, Aug 2023

Detect Microbial Contaminants Earlier

28 Aug 2023 | PharmaceuticalCosmetic/Personal Care

The Milliflex Rapid 2 system
The Milliflex® Rapid 2.0 system helps to improve process control and product yield while bringing forward end product release. It is compatible with a variety of filterable samples in the pharmaceutical, ATMP, biotech and personal care industries. more...

Automated Colony Counting For Ready-To-Use Culture Media

21 Aug 2023 | Food & BeverageCosmetic/Personal Care

Automated Reading Microbiology Plates
The German software company Oculyze GmbH started a collaboration with nutrient media manufacturer Dr. Möller & Schmelz GmbH for colony counting automation. A selection of nutrient media types now come ready labeled with QR codes for instant culture analysis via image recognition. more...
Cosmetic Testing
BIPEA announce the launch of their latest proficiency test, PT 114 - the Cosmetic Microbial Challenge test. This program aims to independently assess the ability of a laboratory to perform a Microbial Challenge test in cosmetic formulations. more...

Picus 2 Pipette

bioMerieux European Dairy Quality Conference

Cherwell Are you ready for Annex 1 guide

Interscience ScanStation automatic colony counting

Pharma Microbiology Congress 2023

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