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bioMerieux one stop complete solution for food viruses

bioMérieux one stop complete Virus solution

our complete solution features:

  • - Assistance in setting up your foodborne virus operation
  • - Practical training for all ISO15216 and non-ISO matrices
  • - mengovirus ISO recommended external process control
  • - eGene-Up RNA/DNA virus extraction platform
  • - NucliSENS lysis and wash buffers, silica beads as recommended in ISO
  • - Gene-Up Real Time PCR open platform
  • - ceeramTools reagents for detection & quantification of Norovirus GI/GII and Hepatitis A, Mengovirus (as well as Hep. E and other viral & parasitic pathogens)
  • - Support and expertise


Start in full confidence, with an expert team on your side!

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