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World of Microbiome, Pregnancy, Birth and Infancy

: 31 Oct 2019 - 2 Nov 2019

: Milan, Italy

Sector: Clinical, Pharmaceutical

Type: Conference

The World of Microbiome conference will establish the first platform in the field of microbiome applications in Ob-Gyn, Neonatal and Paediatrics healthcare, facilitating the exchange of knowledge between clinicians, researchers, and industry.


The vital role of our body’s microbiome has recently been discovered, but researchers are just starting to understand its function. The maternal microbiome is a key contributor to the development and outcomes of pregnancy and the health status of both mother and infant. The significant advances in the study of the maternal and fetal microbiome is an attractive platform for diagnosis, prevention and therapy of pregnancy complications, infant development, and future health conditions of mother and child.


The World of Microbiome will analyze real-world case-studies and promote collaboration between researchers, clinicians and industry to get better patient outcomes.


Why attend:

  • Discuss all the latest findings with the pioneers of the field
  • Gain tools to enter and advance your career in the world of microbiome
  • Understand how the microbiome affects health and development of the fetus, neonate and infant, as well as the health of the mother.
  • Form new collaborations with researchers, clinicians and the industry
  • Be part of the future!


Download the Industry Brochure here





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