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Why Quantification? The Road to Revolutionizing Food Safety

: 8 Dec 2021

Sector : Food & Beverage

Type : Webinar

When speed-to-market is critical and safety cannot be compromised, how can food safety professionals help their poultry companies be more profitable? A rapid Salmonella quantitative test method is a game-changer to provide detailed insight to all stages of poultry production. The ability to respond immediately to CCP failures throughout your plant, or better yet, to prevent them altogether, can keep lines running and products moving out the door. Emerging technologies can help get your products to market quicker, to provide consumers with safe and wholesome products. Join this webinar to learn about the current and future state of regulatory standards and a case study of a true flock to final product application of Salmonella quantification.

Learning Objectives:

  • Impractical Industry Standards - Regulatory update from USDA-FSIS on the Poultry industry new measures to battle Salmonella
  • Why Quantification vs Prevalence - Why real-time PCR quantification methods are quickly replacing old-school MPN’s and culture methods
  • Poultry Industry Use Examples - New ways leading processors are using statistics to increase confidence in food safety decisions, and how to get actionable production and food safety data, quicker, to improve throughput, and yield
  • The Future of Quantification - Describe vertical integration of food safety from live to retail, online tools for fast data calculations, tracking, trending

Mindy Brashears, Presenter - Texas Tech University, United States
April Englishbey, Presenter -  Hygiena, United States
Julia Poroshkova, Moderator - Hygiena, United States

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