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Understanding Microbiology for Non Microbiologists

: 6 Oct 2021 - 7 Oct 2021

: Chipping Campden, United Kingdom

Sector : Food & Beverage

Type : Training

This course is designed to give those who have had no formal microbiological training the confidence to make good, informed decisions about food safety and to help delegates  to understand the importance of microbiological safety and stability in food manufacture, distribution and sale. Typical attendees could be Managers in Hygiene or Quality Departments, Buyers or those working in NPD.

Breaking through some of the microbiology terminology and jargon, you will be shown how to perform risk assessment, how to carry out microbiological investigations and how to  decide on appropriate actions based on microbiological results. You will also be provided with a “taste” of microbiological problem-solving, through an in depth Case Study

Training Course content

  • Microorganisms - types and diversity and nutritional requirements for growth
  • Case study exercise: diagnosis of food microbiological problems
  • Hygiene and environmental sampling in the factory
  • Food poisoning
  • Food spoilage
  • Growth, inhibition and destruction of microorganisms and toxins
  • Factors affecting growth and survival of microorganisms

Course Aims

  • To provide a broad introduction to the importance of microbiological issues for maintaining food safety and quality
  • To provide a simple guide on how to identify potential risks and avoid them in future
  • To demonstrate ways in which some microbiological problems can be solved
  • To inform on how to decide on specification limits

For more information and registration visit: www.campdenbri.co.uk


Chipping Campden
United Kingdom


Campden BRI

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