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Pharmaceutical Water Systems: Principles in Practice® - Barnard Castle, UK

: 6 Oct 2020 - 8 Oct 2020

: Barnard Castle, United Kingdom

Sector: Pharmaceutical, Water

Type: Training

Highlighting the essentials of designing, building, owning and operating pharmaceutical water systems.  Design of water purification, storage and distribution system with illustrated examples.  This Honeyman Training is a must for anyone seriously involved in this aspect of Pharma Manufacturing.


Course Objectives

  • Understand the regulatory requirements, standards, and expectations for pharmaceutical water systems
  • Understand how to design, build, validate and manage water systems cost-effectively
  • Be able to compare different strategies for generation, pre-treatment, storage, and distribution of pharmaceutical-grade water and select the most appropriate for your application.


This course presents an independent view of the design, qualification, validation, operation, management control and maintenance of high purity pharmaceutical water systems. The course is delivered by professionals who have extensive experience in the pharmaceutical industry in the disciplines of production, engineering, QA, validation, chemistry, and microbiology.


Pharmaceutical Water Systems Principles in Practice provides an interactive mix of lectures and workshops that will describe the basic theory and techniques and illustrate how these are practically applied.


Honeyman Training Facility
Barnard Castle
County Durham
DL12 9SA
United Kingdom


Honeyman Group Ltd

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