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Phage Futures: Global Digital Summit 2023

: 25 Oct 2023

Sector : Pharmaceutical

Type : Conference - Virtual

Phage Futures: Global Digital Summit 2023 will be a virtual stage upon which to initiate all-important discussions and forge partnerships between key stakeholders from all over the world. Experts in their respective fields will discuss how to translate new phage-based applications into clinical studies and beyond.

Discover how you can be at the forefront of the developing phage therapy market.

Network and learn from established biotech companies, emerging start-ups, leading academics, global accelerator representatives, investment firms, international healthcare organisations and regulatory bodies.

Key topics to hear and participate in:

  • Advice on how to successfully navigate clinical trial progression to prove efficacy along with recent developments from leading biotechs in phage therapeutic trials targeting chronic and acute illnesses
  • Regulatory discussions between international governing bodies with region specific follow-up conversations with the experts
  • The latest clinical data from the leading pharma and biotech companies in the industry
  • Expert advice on how to find and secure financial investments.

Visit phagefuturesdigital.com



Online event


Kisaco Research

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