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Measurement of Uncertainty

: 25 May 2022

Sector : Food & Beverage

Type : Virtual Event

This online course provides practical guidance on how to apply the new requirements for ISO19036: Microbiology of the food chain – Estimation of measurement uncertainty for quantitative determinations.

Previous to ISO 19036 there was no standardised approach to estimating Measurement Uncertainty (MU) for food microbiology methods.  ISO 19036 provides such an approach and is one that would be recognised as fulfilling the requirements for MU in ISO 17025:2017 and other accreditation standards such as CLAS.

This course is designed for senior microbiologists, senior laboratory personnel, and technical managers wishing to gain knowledge of measurement uncertainty and an approach for how to calculate it.

The course will be delivered live online over the course of a day (0900 - 1645 hours), participants will be sent log in details for a WebEx Training session.

Training Course content

Why estimate Measurement Uncertainty?

  • ISO 17025/Accreditation requirements for Measurement Uncertainty
  • Introduction to the 3 uncertainty components in ISO 19036
  • Practical approach to estimating MU
  • Minimum requirement for accreditation
  • Introduction to a freely available ISO Excel tool to calculate MU values by ISO 19036
  • Reporting Measurement Uncertainty
  • Accreditation requirements for Statements of Conformity and Decision Rule for considering MU

Learning Outcomes

At the end of this course delegates will be able to:

  • Understand the concept of MU
  • Identify sources of uncertainty associated with their methods
  • Generate and assemble the required data
  • Know how to perform calculations
  • Correctly report MU values when requested.

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