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Lab M Medium Selects Verocytotoxin Producing E. coli O26

media for VTEC O26
Rhamnose MacConkey (VTEC O26) Agar from microbiology specialist Lab M, is selective for verocytotoxin producing Escherichia coli O26.

An established pathogen, this strain is linked to outbreaks of haemorrhagic colitis (HC) and haemolytic uraemic syndrome (HUS). In addition to the need for comprehensive health and safety monitoring in the food industry, increased awareness of the VTEC O26 strain in both clinical and veterinary settings has coincided with the development of microbiological techniques that have improved detection and characterisation of this pathogen.
Lab M's Rhamnose MacConkey (VTEC O26) agar is based on traditional MacConkey medium but with rhamnose substituted as the fermentable carbohydrate in place of the usual lactose. Unable to ferment the rhamnose present in the medium, E. coli O26 colonies remain translucent. All non-O26 VTEC colonies will be pink to red. Selectivity of the medium can be increased further by adding X161 Cefixime Tellurite (CT) supplement.

Using Lab M's highly selective Rhamnose MacConkey (VTEC O26) agar, detection and identification is now straightforward, enabling both effective monitoring within food industry environments and further understanding of the consequences of its presence in clinical and veterinary settings.

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Posted on October 27, 2009