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Lab M Offers SMART, Cost Effective Proficiency Testing

Lab M Smart Proficiency testing
Lab M's SMART QA Proficiency Testing Scheme offers food industry laboratories a flexible, cost effective solution for the provision of documented validation of microbiological test methods and proficiency. Within each of the Standard, Standard Plus and Pathogen organism mixes available, participants are able to add further tests to their routine schedule at no additional cost.

Laboratories may select a combination from each of the three organism mixes to suit local needs. While every test available within each mix may not routinely be used within all laboratories, Lab M includes a comprehensive collection of up to 15 tests to enable participants the opportunity to scale up their testing portfolio when and where required. By increasing the numbers of tests available per sample, Lab M is able to offer excellent value for money.

Within the SMART QA Proficiency Testing Scheme, samples are supplied as milk powders, rather than freeze-dried vials, to more closely reflect food testing conditions. Received either monthly or every other month, samples are tested using the lab's normal protocols. Results are returned to Lab M for processing where individual results are compared against a reference range for each parameter and with the average across all participants. An annual results report summarises a participating laboratory's activities for one calendar year. Offering a realistic yet concise overview of the lab's methods and proficiencies, the review is informative and easy to understand.

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Posted on April 9, 2009