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Lab M's 'one-stop sakazakii shop' Launches at Medica

CSEB Cronobacter sakazakii enrichment broth (ISO)
For microbiology culture media specialist Lab M, Medica 2008 will see the international launch of a new range of media for Cronobacter sakazakii isolation and identification.

Formerly known as Enterobacter sakazakii, this largely environmental organism has been associated with serious infections in newborns fed on infant formula milk. Lab M's range of three media, which includes both broth and chromogenics, is designed to meet the various testing regimes of different laboratories, providing a 'one-stop sakazakii shop'.

Harlequin™ Cronobacter sakazakii Isolation Medium (ISO) is a chromogenic medium that uses the formulation currently recommended as part of the isolation protocol under ISO/TS 22964:2006(E) for C. sakazakii from milk, infant formula and other milk products.

CSEB - Cronobacter sakazakii Enrichment Broth (ISO) is the secondary enrichment broth currently recommended in the isolation protocol under ISO/TS 22964:2006(E) for the isolation of C. sakazakii from milk and milk products.

Harlequin™ CSA-DFI - Cronobacter sakazakii Agar - DFI Formulation is based on the formulation described by Druggan, Forsythe and Iversen. It provides an alternative chromogenic medium for Cronobacter sakazakii isolation and identification.

As always, Lab M will also take the opportunity afforded by this international event to meet with colleagues from around the world and make new connections. Export sales manager Colin LeGood particularly welcomes approaches from potential new distributors, OEM partners and manufacturers of prepared media.

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Posted on October 23, 2008