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SMART QA Proficiency Testing Scheme for Food Labs - Now Worldwide

Proficiency TestingMicrobiology culture media specialist Lab M is making its SMART QA Proficiency Testing Scheme for the food industry available for the first time to customers outside the UK.

Well established across the UK where it has been operating since the early 1990's, the scheme offers a simple, comprehensive means of providing documentary evidence of laboratory performance, with up to fifteen tests covered. Now customers in other parts of the world can take advantage of this confidential service.

Participants receive samples either monthly or every other month depending on the mix of organisms required. These are tested using the lab's normal protocols, with results being returned to Lab M for processing. Individual lab results are compared with a reference range for each parameter and also with the average for all participants.

SMART QA samples are supplied as milk powders and not as freeze-dried vials, more closely reflecting food testing conditions. Three mixes of organisms are available - Standard, Standard Plus and Pathogen - allowing labs to select a combination to suit local needs.

For full details of the organisms available, visit www.labm.com or contact Lab M on +44 (0) 161 797 5729 to find out more about the SMART QA scheme.

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Posted on February 14, 2008

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