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Lab M Listeria Enrichment and Isolation Media Meets FDA, ISO 11290 and USDA Methods

Listeria Colonies Listeria monocytogenes on HAL010 Chromogenic Listeria Agar

Lab M's range of microbiological culture media for the enrichment and isolation of Listeria species from food samples covers the requirements of FDA, ISO 11290 and USDA methods. The ISO range includes Fraser BrothPLUS and Half Fraser BrothPLUS, Harlequin™ Listeria Chromogenic Agar, Listeria Isolation Medium (Oxford), PALCAM Agar and Listeria monocytogenes Blood Agar.

The recently introduced Fraser BrothPLUS and Half Fraser BrothPLUS are designed to give improved results over traditional formulations and, like Lab M's complete Fraser Broth range, meet all the specifications of the ISO 11290 standard for the detection and enumeration of Listeria monocytogenes.

A primary isolation medium for L. monocytogenes in foodstuffs and related materials, Lab M's Harlequin™ Listeria Chromogenic Agar (Agosti & Ottovani formulation) is the first chromogenic Listeria medium to be specified according to ISO 11290. Incorporation of a novel chromogen ensures that L. monocytogenes is easily distinguished from other species.

Secondary isolation media including PALCAM Agar, Listeria Isolation Medium (Oxford) and LMBA, and a choice of Listeria Enrichment Broths complete the portfolio.

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Posted on May 28, 2007