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Lab M meets the Salmonella Challenge

Harlequin Salmonella ABC Medium
News of the recent emergence of the multidrug-resistant Kentucky strain of Salmonella, which has a high level resistance to ciprofloxacin (a common treatment for severe Salmonella infections), focuses attention once again on the need for vigilance to prevent its further spread. Lab M's comprehensive and proven range of media for the isolation and culture of Salmonellae from foods and animal feed offers a convenient choice of methodologies to fit individual laboratory testing requirements.

With so much emphasis on rapid identification, Harlequin™ Salmonella ABC Medium dramatically reduces the need for 'false positive' screening, saving labour and reducing consumable costs. This dual chromogen medium enables the isolation of Salmonellae (including Salmonella typhi and S. paratyphi)from food and clinical samples.
For selective enrichment, Lab M's Mueller Kaufmann Tetrathionate Novobiocin Broth (MKTTn) is formulated to inhibit the growth of Proteus species and allow Salmonellae to thrive. Further support is provided with the inclusion in the range of semi-solid MSRV Medium for the rapid detection of motile Salmonellae; Diassalm, a semi solid differential medium for the isolation of Salmonella spp. from food and water; and XLD Agar. Originally designed to improve the recovery and recognition of Shigella spp., XLD has proved to be an excellent medium for culturing Salmonellae.

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Posted on August 23, 2011