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Sponge and Swab Hygiene Monitoring Kits with Neutralising Buffer

The Technical Service Consultants (TSC) range of swab sampling kits serve as an excellent sampling and transport device, suitable for hygiene monitoring of any surfaces and analysis of TVC, Enterobacteriaceae and other microorganisms. The product range contains specially formulated neutralising buffer making them ideal for environmental sampling of surfaces where disinfectants are used and inactivation of chemicals is important for maximal recovery of microorganisms.

The TSC neutralising buffer formulation provides inactivation of any residual disinfectants giving higher recovery of any microorganisms present, preventing growth whilst preserving viability during transport from the sampling site to the testing laboratory.

Dependent upon the requirement of the end user, the TSC standard swab kits can contain either 5ml or 10ml of neutralising buffer. The 5ml kit offers a blue breakpoint with a viscose tip and is ideal for detection of E.coli and other Enterobacteriaceae while the 10ml swab kit with a polyester tip is convenient for analysis of TVC.

TSC also offer the option of neutralising buffer sponge kits. Sponges are non inhibitory for maximum recovery and visibility. Sponges can available in a blue sterile screw cap container with glove for easy sampling. The sponge product is also available sealed within a medical grade bag together with a sterile mini grip bag in which to place the sample sponge.

Product features
  • Suitable for microbiological checks and general hygiene inspection on any surface in various workplace areas for example engineering, medical, pharmaceutical and food related environments.

  • Specially formulated neutralising buffer inactivates residual disinfectants and sanitizing compounds improving recovery rate of microorganisms.

  • Each batch of neutralising buffer products are tested for sterility and recovery of key microorganisms.

  • Certificate of Conformity can be provided at the request of the end user.

  • Product design, composition and product presentation can be modified and optimised according to customer requirements and procedures.

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Posted on October 19, 2009